Illustration Update!

Well we are continuing to work very hard on The Doggy Doctor. New illustrations are flowing in every week. We are aiming to get two pages illustrated weekly, which will put us on target to get everything to the book designer at the end of June/beginning of July.

The process has been great so far. When I wrote the book, I had some very concrete ideas of illustrations for certain pages and then absolutely no idea for others. I gave Chennon a list of the spread and what my ideas were and she has just run with it! Every week I get an email with a few sketched out options for pictures, which we discuss and fine tune, and then she gets to work on the color. So far, the illustrations are beautiful and she is really bringing this story to life.

I can't leak everything, but here's a sketch of the work currently in progress, where we see our team start their investigation into the upset tummy!


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